fuel-sqFUEL Center of Fitness is a concept that’s strategically put in different highly populated areas that are trendy and health conscious. We find that many people are members of multiple gyms just because of different aerobic/group-x classes they like. That being said, FCF offers the most popular, cutting edge classes that are designed and taught by FUEL certified instructors.

Unlike most gyms, FCF offers a variety of “exclusive” classes like Boot Camp Challenge, Total Body Eclipse, X-Cycle, S.P.A.C.E. Program, ABT (Abs, butt & thighs), Advance Dance Training, and Nitro Kick (Kick Boxing). These classes alone make FUEL Center of Fitness a workout destination instead of just a destination to work out!

FCF features Yoga, Power Circuit, and Balls & All. FCF. We also have healthy snacks from Chomp NOLA, drinks from Life Aid Beverages, and supplements to keep the body FUEL’D up!

Our pro shop features the latest FUEL gear that’s produced by FIRST TEAM Athletic Apparel.

For those that are really serious about transforming their body FCF has the knowledge and experience to help people reach their fitness goals with precise detailed meal plans and personal training packages.

FCF is setting the standard for people that don’t care about the bells and whistles of big box health clubs and want to experience state of the art equipment, personal training, and FUEL designed group-x classes that’ll leave them begging for more!


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