FUEL® X-clusive Classes


Rhythm vs. Motion. Get a total body workout and cardio, all while doing reps to the beat of the hottest music. Every song transitions into another exercise or muscle group. Once your body has been Eclipsed… Game over. 


SPACE is an acronym for Speed. Plyometrics. Agility. Conditions. Endurance. It’s basically a roller coaster ride of sports performance drills and exercise that made FUEL® what it is today!


R.P.M.’s on and off the bike! X-Cycle combines spinning with core, strength and ability training. The staple of the class is the spinning bike. However, don’t get too comfy because you’ll be on and off that bike throughout the entire class!


Abs. Butt. Thighs. Burn from your core to the floor! This is a perfect class for someone that’s really having a hard time burning those unwanted “spare tires” and “saddle bags!” 


Speciality Group X

Advance Dance Training

This “paid” instructional class is taught by Tamica Lee and her staff of professional dancers. Tamica Lee is the founder of Advance Dance Agency, a Hall of Fame Saintsation, Assistant Director of the New Orleans Saintsations, and local T.V. personality for WWL-TV. We can go on and on. Bottom line, if you’re a jr. high dancer trying to make a high school team, a high school dancer trying to make a college team, or a college dancer trying to go Pro, Advance is your answer!

General Group X


Practice standards with fully certified Yoga instructors.

Balls & All

A great class that combines the use of the stability ball to strengthen your core and improve coordination.

Power Circuit

Power Circuit is a series of stations (12-13) that you do for 1 min at a time. Every time the instructor blows the whistle, you move to the next station. Pace yourself, because you’ll be doing this (12-13) station circuit 3 times!


Not your standard spinning studio.

NOTE: “No Shows” that reserve a spot in classes with limited capacity without canceling 2 hours before will be charged a $5 fee. This charge will reflect your monthly gym statement.