Fuel Trainers

Barry Smith

Barry Smith – Owner/Director

AFAA and IFA certified personal trainer and founder of FUEL Sports Performance, Barry has over 25 years in the fitness industry. Known for his continuous smile, he’s also known as the creator of some of the best group-x classes around!

Laurie Matulich

Laurie Matulich – Manager/Trainer

Laurie has over 30 years in fitness club management and personal training. She knows no strangers and always the first to greet every person that walks through the door. Her positive attitude is infectious and rubs off on each and every one of her clients.

Ed Smith

Ed Smith – Trainer

A 14yr veteran trainer and lover of all things sports, Ed transitioned into personal training from sports performance by building challenging programs for his clients focusing on strength, conditioning and flexibility. While also overseeing the group exercise program, he is the mastermind behind two of FUEL’s X-clusive  classes.

Merritt Grace Davis

Merritt Grace Davis – Trainer/Group-X

Being a former Olympian in training for the pole vault, Merritt is every bit of what FUEL represents. Her hard work ethic and ability to teach makes her a hot commodity with young up and coming athletes. Don’t let that smile fool you. She’s one tough cookie!

Alexandra Davis

Alexandra Davis – Trainer

Alexandra is a certified personal trainer focused on providing the highest quality of individual and group training services.  She is also TRX certified and has a degree in nutrition and incorporates both along with high intensity interval training (HIIT) plus weightlifting to help clients reach their goals.  Her motto is nutrition and exercise together is preventative medicine!  

Pumpkin Parker

Pumpkin Parker; Trainer

Pumpkin started personal training in the spring of 2009 after a love of fitness won out over continuing her career in medical sales. She approaches fitness as a lifestyle. Workouts should be fun and challenging as well as help you obtain your ideal self. In addition to traditional weight training, she loves to incorporate functional exercises and explosive movements into her client’s workouts. This creates a balance of stamina, core strength, and agility. She is FUEL.

Shannon Clement

Shannon Clement – Trainer

Shannon has been teaching classes and personal training for over 16 years.  Her love for exercise began at an early age. She completed her first Crescent City Classic at 8 and over the years completed many marathons and triathlons.  After Hurricane Katrina, Shannon recognized that her job as a cardiovascular ultrasound tech was not her passion and became a full time trainer in 2006.  Shannon emphasizes that working out can be and should be fun.  She likes to mix traditional weight lifting with cardio and explosive movement to ensure her clients are heart healthy and gaining muscle in the same workouts.